Easter Break – No Dancing

Easter Break - No Dancing

Classes resume - Friday April 26

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Having been at Dance Images for over 8 years, my two daughters have received exceptional dance instruction, from highly qualified dance teachers.Beyond dance the instructors have helped develop teamwork, discipline, high self esteem and the desire to be their best at everything they do. -Wendy Scheske

I love Dance Images because it offers many dance styles. The dance teachers have not only helped me to become a better dancer, but they have helped me to become a better person. I am so grateful to be part of the DI Family! -Téa Scheske

Dance Images taught me not only to dance, but to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to what I am passionate about. Miss Barb also showed me what a strong, intelligent, confident woman can do when she puts her mind to it. She has built a thriving business that is a second home to her staff and dancers and is a constant in the ever changing lives of her students. Finally, she taught with love, patience, and kindness. Sometimes I wonder how different the world would look if every little girl had a role model like Miss Barb. PEARL DELL– GRADUATE DANCER

There are many ups and downs in the sport of dance as there is in life. Dance Images taught me to work hard for anything you go after, to reach goals physically and mentally, and to have fun while doing it. SHERRY MARKIN – GRADUATE DANCER AND DANCE MOM

Miss Barb and the Dance Images Studio have helped shape me into the woman I am today. Within my thirteen years at Dance Images by BJ, a platform of work ethic, determination, and self-confidence was built beneath me. I craved improvement and cherished the performances. I learned that we are all responsible for our own success and if we want to accomplish something, it is within reach as long as we truly believe it to be. SIERABEARCHELL – FORMER DANCER

Dance Images taught me that with a lot of hard work and passion you can get where you want. This is a life lesson I still carry forward today. I will forever be thankful to Miss Barb and her amazing teaching staff at Dance Images! KIMERLY WHITFIELD – GRADUATEDANCER

As someone who danced growing up, finding the perfect studio for my daughter where she too could discover the joy of dance was of the upmost importance to me. I firmly believe that we have found that at Dance Images! Not only is my daughter receiving a stellar dance training, but she is surrounded by a knowledgeable and supportive teaching staff that is genuinely invested in the success of all their students and provides them with a wide array of exciting opportunities!! It is not in any way surprising that so many Dance Image's dancers go on to be successful - the confidence and belief in themselves they gain from dancing at Dance Images will last a lifetime! SARA BRYAN – DANCE MOM

Dance Images taught me to be strong, to persevere, to have passion, to work hard towards my goals, and to ALWAYS dance from the heart! IOANA LIGDAS– GRADUATE DANCER

Years ago I was looking for a dance school to send my 3 year old and Dance Images was highly recommended to me. I have had someone dancing there now for 23 years, as all three of my daughters have danced.Dance Images highly influenced my daughters to be dedicated and hard-working individuals, and is a big part of who they are today. SHELLEY FIRTH – Office Manager at Dance Images by BJ & Dance Mom

The gift of dance is one that seems to keep on giving. Whether it's proper posture or attention to detail I will always thank Dance Images for everything it has taught me. KATIERAMPHAL – GRADUATE DANCER

Barb Jackman has inspired and helped so many dancers in her vast teaching career. Her knowledge and encouragement goes beyond the realm of "teaching dance". As a dancer she motivated me, and taught me to push myself to my potential. She often believed in me, even when I didn't. She taught me to always set the bar higher, as it gave you something to work for. SHAUNA BZDEL – GRADUATE DANCER AND TEACHER AT DANCE IMAGES BY BJ

Dance Images taught us so much more than dance. We learned to work with others and work as a team. We learned to work hard to achieve success and that didn't necessarily mean winning, but that personal growth and achieving new levels and skills were sometimes the greatest payoff for our dedication. Dancing will always remain close to my heart and I cherish all of the wonderful memories of my "dancing days". For everything Dance Images gave us I am forever grateful. Now that I am in Moose Jaw raising my own family, I consider myself lucky that both of my daughters are able to enjoy the same experience dancing at Dance Imageswith Barb that I did! TERRA LEE  HUTCHINSON – GRADUATE DANCER AND DANCE MOM

Dancing at Dance Images has surely shaped us into the women we are today. Lessons in respect for ourselves, our bodies and our friends were long rooted in the steps, jumps, leaps and line work we did for HOURS of our lives. Dance Images has left a footprint on our heart that will never be erased! AIMEE AND JENNIFER ROBERGE – GRADUATE DANCERS

I will forever be grateful to Miss Barb for her passion in helping us all grow as dancers, while at the same time investing so much of herself into us as individuals. I miss dancing with all of my soul...but thanks to Dance Images the life lessons learned over those years will never leave me. Shawna Materi

Dance Images taught me many life lessons over the 11 years I danced there. These lessons included the importance of hard work, teamwork, self-confidence, and having fun, to name only a few. Dance with Miss Barb wasn't about winning, it was about doing your best and having fun. When you work hard you are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and it doesn't matter where you place in the competition. Dance Images was like my second family. We loved and cared for one another, learning life lessons while having fun doing so. TRINA JOSDAL– GRADUATE DANCER

I don't think parents realize what an impact Dance Images will have on their children when they enroll them in dance. As you grow, the lessons continue on and off the dance floor. You not only learn a new language called dance but what is instilled in you transcends throughout your youth and into adulthood. Simone Sudom-Young

I'm so grateful for the time I had at Dance Images. Grateful for all I learned and all the wonderful kids and parents I got to meet. As you always say, "your parents are the best"! Linda de Delley

Taking class at Dance Images was fun and exciting. It was just the right amount of hard work mixed with play. Dancing with Miss Barb helped shape who I am today - not only because I am now a dance performer, choreographer and teacher - but because through dance she taught me teamwork, leadership, passion, drive, to always push for something new, to never settle for less than your best, and to be ready for anything that lies ahead. Lisa Smith

Dancing at Dance Images taught me so much more than just dance skills. It taught me life skills. It taught me how important it is to be a strong, confident woman. And that was because of Miss Barb and all she instilled in us a young women. Many nights we would open our dance class talking about things like self-esteem, body image, being good role models for younger girls; just being good people in general. Chelsea Jukes

My family and I have been a part of Dance Images for 20 years. Their dance training has given them grace, poise, confidence and self-awareness. They know how to work with a team yet they have the strength to stand on their own. They can accept disappointment and know how to stand tall, turn around and try again. They say it takes a village to raise a child and Dance Images is a very important part of their village. We thank you for that. Darla, Craig, Nicole, Taylor and MarleeWutke I am so thankful for the time Miss Barb has taken to teach, encourage and guide me through my 25 years at Dance Images. Not only has she given me a dance education and career, but a passion for life. I can never say thank you enough for all the things Miss Barb has done for me! Victoria Sharp

When we think of our childhood, we think of Dance Images and Miss Barb. Crysta, Shayna and Cassidy Keens were lucky girls when their mom, Caron, put them into Dance Images at a young age. We grew up singing and dancing in an incredible studio full of people and instructors we considered family and friends. We are grateful for every recital, competition, combination, chasse and hitchicoo! The Keens Girls

Dancing for me was more than just a hobby or sport. It was a part of my life that defined a lot of who I was and the woman I became. Dance has taught me so much more than just technique and grace, it has taught me dedication, determination, perseverance and discipline The impact Dance Images had on my life was tremendous, you helped to sculpt me into the person I am today. As a business woman and entrepreneur so much of my success has emanated from the lessons and responsibility you taught us as girls. I am so grateful that my daughter will have the opportunity to have the same great experience and affirmation in her life. Jill Bilawchuk

Thank you so much for all you have given me. As my dance teacher you instilled confidence, passion, determination, perseverance, the importance of teamwork, dedication and so much more Kim Forsyth

The years of dedicated training at Dance Images have taught me commitment, the intense competitions have taught me to be humble when winning and to accept places lower than 1st, and the life lessons I learned in class have made me wise. Tessa Gray

Some of the best memories of my life happened at the dance studio. I still grin with pride when I get to tell new people that I got to dance at the Olympic Ceremony in Moose Jaw, or that our group won second prize at Dance Festival winning the studio $2500. Being a part of Dance Images shaped who I am as a person. I am forever grateful to have been a part Dance Images. Victoria McIntosh

Dance Images has taught me to leave my heart on the stage, and to show the most genuine parts of my dancing to strangers. Dancers are constantly put in situations to be judged and critiqued, but it teaches them to embrace their flaws, stay humble, and it aids in their own self-discovery. Thank you, Dance Images, for teaching me the power of confidence. Confidence helps us to get what we want in life because we believe we are capable of the goals we set. Confidence allows us to be comfortable in our own skin.

Most of all, thank you for giving me something to love. Loving deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. My love for dance has taught me to open my arms to all of life's gifts and to embrace the moment. I am so happy to have been a part of your dance family. Jessica Froehlich

We think we are lucky to have been part of Dance Images. We have learned so much more than dance from you and we have so many great memories of your words of wisdom. Dancing is a huge part of our lives and although most of us no longer take dance training we will always be dancers and have dance in our hearts. Kendra and Danica Pritchard, Nicole, Taylor and MarleeWutke, Samantha, Kayla, and Kelsey Heebner, Stephanie and Jada Budd, Gracie Walz


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